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Welcome to the BSGE Endometriosis Centres Database

The BSGE database has been updated to anonymise the Patient details in line with Information Governance and GDPR requirements. You should have recieved an email from the BSGE administrator explaining the changes. Please ensure that you read the notification section after you login for more details.

If you havent recieved an email the please contact the BSGE administrator before adding any new data to the database.

The database is for the use of clinicians working in BSGE Accredited Endometriosis Centres and in Provisional Endometriosis Centres, aspiring to become fully accredited. It can only be accessed by username and password issued by the BSGE to active Endometriosis Centres. It is an obligation of accredited centres to enter the required data on patients with severe endometriosis; where the surgery includes dissection of the pararectal space.